Upcoming NYC Armory week, “S/HE PERSISTED”

In the upcoming NYC Armory week, SeeMe will celebrate

Women – Persistence, Power and Strength.

We will be showcasing the work of many amazing artists from our community from March 4th – March 26th, 2020, including Kim Wan

Join us for the opening reception next Wed, March 4th at Bandit Coffee. RSVP

We are extremely grateful to our partners Bandit Coffee and Anoko House for helping to make this possible,

follow them on them at: https://www.thebandit.com and https://www.instagram.com/anokohouse/

About See.Me

See.Me is an international community and art competition for visual artists. Since 2012, See.Me has hosted dozens of exhibitions from New York City to Miami to The White House to The Louvre in Paris. Over the years we have distributed over $1.5 million in artist grants and awards. We exist to help artists gain recognition and feedback for their work and connect them with economic opportunity.

Armory Week in NYC has grown to become the calendar kick-off for the Art World. Less than two years ago, SeeMe chose this occasion to relaunch its community. This year Art Takes Armory 2020 will celebrate women and the inspiration and strength they bring to our lives with “S/he Persisted…” “S/he Persisted…” – These powerful words are part of a phrase that arose from political conflict. Not surprising in our current environment. But they also invoke the power of perseverance, determination, and progress in the path of criticism and self-doubt: deeply powerful forces in the world of art and individual creativity. In honor of Women’s History Month this year please join the SeeMe Community in celebrating art that is inspired by the Feminine power in us all.


Who am I as a fe/male?

Who are the influential women in my life and how have they influenced me?

What voice of femininity do I hear, feel, see?

As a man, what does it mean to be a feminist?

To learn more visit: https://www.see.me/


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