Next Exhibition ‘Nostalgia’ Amsterdam 

Exhibition Dates/Times: 11th – 15th May

Opening Event: 11th May

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Venue: TOON

We are delighted to invite you to our upcoming exhibition in Amsterdam! The exhibition will take place in a quirky, creative environment, one minute away from Adm. de Ruijterweg station.

And soon after…..’Games and Learning’ a participant-led workshop, taking place at Five Years Gallery , London. 2-3pm, Sunday 13th May, 2018, as part of…

‘Being Together Is Not Enough ‘

‘Games and Learning’ will be a one hour, participant-led workshop, consisting of learning to throw a rugby ball and/or a basketball or neither. It will be documented with a view to developing it further. The workshop will be run by the educator Annie Morris and the artist Kim Wan. It is open to all and the only requirement is to wear sports trainers. Participants will have the opportunity to document the workshop via their own mobile phones, cameras, microphones, recording devices, etc. and then upload it to social media. All participation is voluntary.

If you would like to participate,  please send an email to with the header Five Years-Games and Learning.

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