For our upcoming exhibition abroad, we are traveling to Slovakia, where we have scheduled two exhibitions in two different cities, Prešov and Trebišov.

• Gallery Caraffova väznica (Caraffa Prison Gallery) in Prešov
21st March – 15th April, 2019

• Koniaren Gallery in Trebišov from 4th May – 25th May, 2019

Exhibiting Artists:

Fiona Macphee | Rob Birch | Mima Chovancova | Clee Claire Lee | Patrick Lears | Ariel Lavian | Saggion-Paganello | ARTDOBRO | Rob Terrestrial | Patrice Robinson | Mila Raczkowska | Patricia Rain | Rosina Godwin | Tal Regev | Nikki Allford | Emma Dolphin | Kim Wan | Ronald Gonzalez | Karol Petreš | Jana Hatalová | Petra Klepcová | Vinay Sharma



  More to follow……Check back for updates!

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