‘Nostalgia’ in Timisoara, Romania

Art Number 23 Exhibition

This is the third part of this traveling exhibition, which, after two shows in Amsterdam and London, is now visiting Timisoara at the Misc. Arts Center.

Artists of various mediums and from different backgrounds are called to depict their remembrance of people, locations, experiences and feelings through their work.

The exhibited artworks, cover subjects that relate to memories and the past, such as childhood and family bonds; experiences in abusing relationships; references to the music scene and the night life in the 90s; the exploration of our identities through our traditions; and more.

Painters, sculptors, printmakers and photographers are expressing some of the private sides of their past, as they reveal their personal stories, and share them through their art.

The exhibition will open to the public on Friday 6th July, 2018, with an opening event from 7pm until 10pm. There is no admission fee and no RSVP is needed. 

Misc. Arts Center

Splaiul Nicolae Titulescu 14, Timișoara 300425, Romania

Private View: 6th July 19.00pm – 22.00pm

Ben Snowden | Helen Morley | Min Angel | Rebecca Brandley | Marion Stuart | Suzane de Emmonny
Sarah Nabbarro | Chriss Webb | Flora Sopa | Agnieszka Bloch | Khalil Charif | Paul James Kearney 
Tomo Stanič | Marisa Piló | Amy Oliver | Maggy Milner

Artworks from the artists represented by our gallery, Kim Wan, Ekaterini Koliakou and Ronald Gonzalez will be exhibited.

Next Exhibitions 

Timoara, Romania-July

Athens, Greece-August

Hastings, England-September 

     Check back for updates! 

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